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Our Activities

Adventure Activities

A multi-activity trip for young people is about personal learning and creating healthy habits for life.

We provide the environment for them to find the courage to climb, jump, trust each other, take a step into the unknown. To push their boundaries, strengthen friendships and grow.

We want to build on the benefits of the outdoors to the mental and physical health of young people. Give them the freedom to mature. 

They’ll leave WAAC with memories of a lifetime, from a trip that made a difference to their self-esteem, motivation and engagement.



Under the guidance of a specialist water sports instructor participants will have fun learning the fundamentals of surfing while having fun in the waves of Tullagh Beach.


SUP Boarding

Head out on the water, get close to nature and enjoy the outdoors. This activity is suitable for all ages and is great for team work, communication and building confidence. Have fun on the water learning paddling skills.


Pier Jumping

Pier Jumping is a favourite with all water lovers who enjoy the exhilaration, the challenge and the thrill of the big splash.


Raft Building

Working in teams you will work out the best way to plan, design and build your own raft, then take it on the water to test it. It’s a fun activity as you race in teams to see who finishes first and has the most successful raft. Whilst playing games and completing challenges you’ll learn about knots, being resourceful, planning, construction, organisation, communication and trust.



Learn about bows and arrows, and the skill needed to become an archer whilst trying to out-score your friends on this activity. It will challenge your maths skills, your focus and dexterity as you work out the best technique to succeed


Sensory Trail

Blind Folded participants will learn to use and develop other senses and build communication as they navigate along the muddy trail and through a series of tasks and games along the way.


Crate Building

Climbers will each get the chance to build crates to ring the bell at the highest point while being encouraged from their peers.


Bog Challenge

Participants will be challenged physically to beat the bog. They will work together to ensure all members of the team will conquer the Bog Challenge Obstacle Course.



Working in small groups, you’ll have fun racing around the centre and making decisions as you learn how to navigate a map using natural landmarks and finding orienteering markers. This activity is good for team work, communication skills and cooperation.


Driving Skills

Boost your confidence with our practical driving advice. Drivers will learn the skills or basic operation and maneuvering of a vehicle in a safe and secure environment.


Team Challenges

This series of teamwork games are designed to help you understand why effective communication is essential to getting you to work better together as a team. Incorporating a variety of games and team challenges, the tasks are almost impossible without the co-operation of every team member. At the end of the challenge you will understand the strengths and weaknesses of your team, how you work together to achieve your goals and what areas to improve on in order to work better together.


Bush Crafts

Learn how to use your natural environment to survive. Working as a team you will learn to build and light fires using sparks and build your own shelters. You will learn more about the natural environment around you, how to use it and look after it.


Hill Walking

Come and explore our beautiful mountain trails. It is a great way to keep fit and enjoy the amazing landscape. During the day you will be guided up one of our local peaks and have the opportunity to learn about flora and fauna and local history. You will develop hill skills and techniques along the way.