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Environment & Sustainability

The sustainable use of natural resources in our local area and materials is fundamental to the ethos and mission of the WAAC.


A strong environmental policy manages the design, development and delivery of all aspects of the centre from physical infrastructure and services to the centres impacts on the local community. WAAC will seek to inspire and promote the sustainable management of natural resources through demonstration, training and practical action.

  • Our Electricity

    Our Wind Turbine produces part of the electricity used within the centre. We have installed a 24kw solar farm onsite in 2022

  • Our Food Waste

    100% of our food waste is composted

  • Our Rainwater Harvesting

    We have harvested rain water for our toilets & showers

  • Our General Waste

    We have an on-site recycling centre for bottles & cans. All rubbish is separated into general and recycling. Paper and cardboard is disposed of separately